Growing up my oldest brother constantly molested me. Whenever our parents went out there he was. The first few times i resisted but i was only 7 or 8 when it started and he is 6 years older than me so he always managed to pin me down. Eventually i came to expect it and became jaded trying to convince myself that this was what little boys and there older brothers do, but as i got older i had more and more trouble believing that. When got to 7th grade i started smoking a lot of weed and i began to finance this habit by selling weed and pills. Fastforward to 9th grade selling the pills that i used to finance my weed habit got me kicked out of good counsel. This very same thing caused my parents to pull me out of public school for 11th grade. And send me to military school which i got kicked out of in October for selling oxy. However this time around i have learned from my mistakes i will no longer sell pills and i won't get in trouble anymore. I have started seeing a psychiatrist and i told my parents about what my brother did to me for years and i am trying to forgive him, who apparently was also abused by his band teacher at the landon shcool in Bethesda.

Maya LongComment