I was raped by my best friend last year at a college party. We were dancing and I was a little tipsy. I don’t remember everything that happened after but I do know I was assaulted. I know he pulled me out of the party, back to his dorm room, and then proceeded to rape me. I remember not being able to move. I was in too much shock to even register what was happening.

After he was done, he told me to get out. I remember stumbling out of the dorm room, shaking, and to my own, where my roommate was waiting worried.

Usually when one of us spend the night with someone else, we send each other a text to let the other know we’re okay. I didn’t send her a text that night.

It was 3 am and she was waiting up worried for me. She worried up for me. I remember walking into that dorm room and falling into her arms. She told me to tell the police. I said no. She told me to tell my parents. I said no. She asked me why I told her. I said I don’t know. I don’t know why I’m saying this right now. I don’t know anything anymore.

One minute I was dancing with a guy I’ve known for half my life and the next I’m a victim of sexual assault.

I don’t know if I’ll ever tell the police. I don’t know if I’ll ever tell my parents. But I decided to tell this site because you don’t know me. You don’t know who I am. No one can hurt me through this screen.

But someone can help.

Maya Long