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Our Mission is to:

Bring Awareness

We give survivors of sexual assault a place to share their stories, experiences and traumas on their terms, while working to end rape culture in America and around the world. Survivors are able to share their stories, without fear of judgement or scrutiny here.

Sexual Assault Gender Disparity

Overwhelmingly, women are more susceptible to sexual assault than men
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We must send a message across the world that there is no disgrace in being a survivor of sexual assault - the shame is on the aggressor.
— Angelina Jolie

Average Age of Sexual Assault Survivors

Younger people are more susceptible to sexual violence crimes

Our Mission Is:

To give sexual violence survivors a space to share their stories and experiences without fear while simultaneously ending rape culture in America.


Share Your Truth.

Share your truth. Share what you want. Share what you have always hidden. Share what you choose to share. Share as little or as much as you want free of judgment. When creating the site, we wanted to make sure survivors felt they could share anything they wanted without having their name attached. We feel like we have achieved that. Learn more through our Your Story page or feel free to Contact Us.


Share you story.

It’s your time to share. Share your story through our site and await to see it posted.


Want to help It’s Mine to Share continue to run or contribute to larger sexual assault prevention organizations?

Contact us.

We want to know about your questions, concerns and ideas. Please, contact us.